Health and wellness


Canyon Crest Athletic Club

ORA contracts with the Canyon Crest Athletic Club to provide students with physical education opportunities. Students may participate in classes held at the athletic club for credit or for personal enrichment. The Canyon Crest Athletic Club is located within the same plaza as ORA (approximately three minutes walking distance).  Please click here to visit the Canyon Crest Athletic Club website.

Additionally, to fulfill their PE requirement, students are able to take private golf lessons at the Victoria Country Club (approximately ten minutes driving distance).  Both services are included in the cost of tuition.


Counseling Services

The Department of Guidance and Counseling Services is an integral part of Oxford-Riverside Academy. The primary purpose of the school counseling program is to promote balance and productivity among all students’ academic, career, and personal/social development.



The school counselor provides a safe place for students, faculty, parents, or other community members to discuss and work through any issue, whether academic or personal. Everything said within the school counselor’s office is confidential and will not be repeated to anyone, with the following exceptions as mandated by legal or ethical standards:

  • Harm to self or others
  • Abuse or neglect
  • Court or other legal proceedings.

No information should be revealed without the individual’s knowledge. Exceptions to confidentiality, whenever possible, will be handled in a collaborative manner. The Oxford-Riverside Academy school counselor will work together with the individual to handle each situation with respect for the individual’s feelings and needs.


Program Goals

Through the Oxford-Riverside Academy school counseling program, students will be given numerous opportunities to acquire life and learning skills in the following three domains:

  • Academic – Students will develop the necessary competencies and attitudes to achieve success in school, including effective study habits and organizational skills. More importantly, students will be encouraged to discover the significance of the relationship between learning and the world in which they live.
  • College/Career – Students will have the opportunity to discover their unique talents and abilities and use this information to explore career options. The school counselor will work with each student to create a four-year plan that is directed toward the student’s post-secondary goals.
  • Personal/Social – Students will develop a sense of respect for themselves and for others, enabling them to become significant, responsible members of society. Each student also receives personal, social, and emotional guidance from the school counselor as needed.


Professional Development

The Counseling Department has a special commitment to professional development and continuing education for each school counselor. School counselors at Oxford-Riverside Academy are expected to adhere to all professional, ethical, and legal standards of the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) and the California Educational Code.
All guidance programs and lessons are evidence-based and evaluated on a continual basis throughout each school year. According to research results, the Counseling Department will modify and implement appropriate changes as needed.

The primary role of an Oxford-Riverside Academy school counselor is to be an advocate for the student population. The Counseling Department is devoted to working together with all members of the school community to cultivate the school environment most conducive to academic achievement, career development, and personal/social growth for each individual student.