Community Service


Oxford-sponsored Community Service Events

ORA's staff works closely with Oxford-Riverside Academy's PTSA to organize community service events throughout the year. Students are required to attend at least two group events each academic year.


Individual Community Service Hours

In addition to attending two group events, students are required to complete ten hours of community service on an individual basis. Students work closely with administrators and teachers to pick events that align with their interests, passions, and vocational aspirations.


Service Learning Projects

Instructors are required to implement service-learning components into course curricula. The academy’s current plans include the development of several service learning projects. These include:

  1. A science-based project at Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park. Students will learn about native and invasive plants, remove invasive species, and prepare materials to educate the local public about invasive species.
  2. A project with a local historical society. The Riverside community has a rich history, and as such, a number of historical preservation societies; students will work with society staff, learning about local history while dedicating time and energy to society needs, such as maintenance, cataloguing, or the like.
  3. An educational outreach event with local ELL students serviced by Oxford Tutoring Center. ORA students will read with ELL students and interact with students and their families during lunch, while practicing Spanish with the families of students and gaining a broader multicultural perspective.