Oxford-Riverside Academy is dedicated to providing students and instructors with the most up-to-date technology.  ORA teaches students how to effectively use current technology to acquire information and to facilitate and enhance communication.

ORA’s current technology inventory includes access to over 10 PCs, LCD projectors, 5 printers (1 color), 3 copiers, an LCD television, a Promethean Smart Board, document cameras (ELMO), and Wi-Fi internet access throughout the academy. In addition, each student is issued a netbook to use during school hours and a NOOK (with over 8,000 titles) to access literature for academic and personal purposes.

Access to Promethean and multiple smooth smart boards
Multi-function copiers and printers
Access to over 10 computers
Muiltiple document cameras (ELMO)

Wi-fi internet throughout the academy
LCD Television