Oxford-Riverside Academy provides students with the opportunity to obtain a personalized education through 1-on-1 and small group instruction (maximum 5:1 student:teacher ratio) in a positive, safe, and supportive learning environment. To meet the needs of a diverse student body, ORA offers full-time and concurrent enrollment options during and outside of traditional school hours. ORA maintains high-quality, standards-based instruction using research-based pedagogy and the most up-to-date technology.




The mission of ORA is to develop students that are committed to inquiry, learning, and service. Further, ORA prepares students for success in their post-secondary pursuits. Through a rich, challenging, and hands-on learning environment, we empower students to become responsible, informed, and involved members of the global community and to reach their unique and full potentials.






Our Students

Students should learn more than facts and formulas in school. Rather, they should gain the knowledge and experience necessary to create a foundation for lifelong learning and self-discovery. All students have the right to a comprehensive education that empowers them for success in our ever-changing world. Oxford-Riverside Academy believes each student can attend college, pursue his or her career of choice, and make meaningful contributions to society.




Our Learning Environment

Each student is unique and learns differently. Therefore, ORA creates a hands-on, student-centered learning environment with dedicated and passionate instructors who adapt their curriculum to meet individual student needs. ORA believes the learning environment extends beyond the walls of the school and into each student’s home. Consequently, all students and their families should have access to an open system of communication with approachable faculty and staff.




Our Community

ORA students learn about themselves by interacting with the world around them. Community awareness and service prepare students to meaningfully contribute to a racially and culturally diverse world. An active and practical approach to community involvement cultivates compassionate individuals who understand contemporary issues and can seek out the resources necessary to implement change.  




Expected School-wide Learning Results: ASPIRE




Academic achievers who

  • Meet expected proficiency levels measured by standards-based assessments
  • Are ready to pursue future academic and vocational goals


Self-directed learners who

  • Actively participate in the learning process
  • Identify and use resources to make informed decisions
  • Develop adept time management and organizational skills


Proficient users of technology who

  • Incorporate technology in academic and vocational disciplines
  • Effectively find and utilize information sources

Innovative problem solvers who

  • Apply classroom skills to real-life scenarios
  • Approach problem solving from multiple perspectives
  • Gather, organize, and synthesize information in a logical manner

Responsible and socially conscious members of the community who

  • Demonstrate an understanding of diversity in the community
  • Understand and respect cultural and individual differences
  • Respect the environment


Effective communicators who

  • Speak, read, and write proficiently in English
  • Speak and write to a variety of audiences 
  • Use technology to enhance communications